phonograph as musical instrument

‘This neurotic ritual of getting high and playing very loud music. There are so many days when I can easily and truly say that it’s by far the finest moment of my day and the most enjoyable thing that I do. It’s pure, it’s perfect, it’s endlessly repeatable. I mean, not only do I still feel that way; I feel more that way all the time.’

Nina said, ‘Various boyfriends have always suggested that there was something very passive-slash-sexual about the way I enjoy listening to music.’ She had sometimes spoken of the physical effect music could have on her, how she would lie on the floor between enormous speakers and resonate like a drum. ‘And that doesn’t really go with what I was saying before about its being a creative act. See, when this started I wasn’t as conscious about the whole thing, not having a friend who was writing a book about records at the time. But when I was fifteen, yeah, it was definitely my sex life. My musical life then was playing the piano; my sex life then was listening to music. It always sublimated something.’


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