Revisiting The Gay Science

“…It seems to have been written in the language of a warm spring breeze: in it there is overconfidence, agitation, contradiction, April weather, so that one is constantly reminded both of the winter’s nearness and of the victory over winter which is coming, must come, maybe has already come.”

“But in the first, more typical case, when it is one’s need to philosophize, as in all sick thinkers–and perhaps sick thinkers are predominant in the history of philosophy–what will become of the thought itself that is brought forth under the pressure of sickness.”

It is illuminating how important my recent and brief experience with Nietzsche was and how ironic (?) it is that my structurally mandated revisit occurs at the same time as last year’s first encounter; academically and personally, I have learned and grown a lot from him. That sounds like possibly the most trite thing one could say about his philosophy–but I still think that is exactly his point.


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