The summer after my first year, I lived in New York, and one of the many activities I did that summer was a photojournalism class at NYU.  Once, we had an assignment to shoot a “sporting event.” I figured it be a nice way to spend both a day in Central Park and a day of getting things done. I stumbled upon a roller skating event, where this guy and his pup ended up being my main subjects.

He was the first person who didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about taking photos, and I also feel like he filled one of my first special “New York moments” for me.  I spent a day all alone, wandering, and laughing to myself.

Since that summer I’ve seen this man pop up in numerous places: friends’ photos on Facebook, blogs, the Times, etc.  And each time, I feel a little sentimental when I see him.  I have no idea who or what or where he is, but I’m glad to see he’s still going strong.  This time, he was on Brooklyn Vegan.

It’s hard not to make at least some sort of audible expression toward this last photo.


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