Kant was right

1. I planned on doing laundry once during my road trip, packing adequately enough for about half the trip’s worth of outfits.  Most of them returned to Sarasota unworn.


I took this photo at an arboretum in Ohio trying to use up the film that was left.

I took this photo thinking this was a better perspective on the scene.

This was the shot I actually wanted.  I ended the trip wishing I’d had more film.

3. I avoided a friend’s mix cd for half of the 11 hour drive on my first day, not wanting to dislike it but assuming I probably would. I ended up listening it to pretty much the rest of the way that day, and for many hours thereafter.

4. At one gas station, I asked them to put in $30 worth of gas; the attendant said they could only charge me afterward.  I spent $30.34 on gas that day.


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