Sartre, What is Writing?

Thus, in each word he realizes, solely by the effect of the poetic attitude, the metaphors which Picasso dreamed of when he wanted to do a matchbox which was completely a bat without ceasing to be a matchbox.  Florence is city, flower, and woman.  It is city-flower, city-woman, and girl-flower all at the same time.  And the strange object which thus appears has the liquidity of the river, the soft, tawny ardency of gold, and finally abandons itself with propriety and, by the continuous diminution of the silent e, prolongs indefinitely its modest blossoming. To that is added the insidious effect of biography.  For me, Florence is also a certain woman, an American actress who played in the silent films of my childhood, and about whom I have forgotten everything except that she was as long as a long evening glove and always a bit weary and always chaste and always married and misunderstood and whom I loved and whose name was Florence.


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