new hobby #4

Stay open-minded about enjoying a beer at Memories with a group of lovely ladies.

This morning I woke up with a nightmarish (and in my opinion, undeserved) hangover from the white wine I enjoyed last night.  It was one of those simple, calm nights where feelings of inspiration and motivation are more palpable than your buzz.  Alas, I was crippled.  I made A pick me up a pack of spearmint gum, promising him dinner tonight in exchange, but I told him the deal’s off if I vomited before he got here.  You should know that we had a wonderfully extravagant dinner–on me–at Cafe Amalfi, complete with appetizers and dessert (cannolis plus bavarian cheesecake).

The heavy hangover feeling didn’t pass until we made it to the beach in the late afternoon, and the bliss that is earned after nursing the array of feelings accompanying such an experience really enhanced the peculiar beach scene today.  I felt light as a feather; the oppressive sun was wholly absent and the waves crashed hard.  It was windy and dark.  Cool, almost.

Barbara & Michael Leisgen – Mimesis


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